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WAP Dog care

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WAP Dog Care Products 

Responsibly produced in Sweden

Discover a range of sustainably produced dog care products that are as good for your dog as they are for the environment. 

Created out of love for dogs and nature, you and your dog can feel great inside and out. The entire range is natural, organic, vegan and made without chemicals.

The Fur Wash Range

WAP 3:

Fur Wash with Lemon rind, Tea tree leaf & Spearmint leaf.

WAP 6:

Fur Wash for sensitive skin. Fragrance-free with seaweed, calendula, rosehip & chamomile.

WAP 8:

Fur Wash for anti-odour with seaweed, moringa & tea tree leaf.

Paw Care Products

Responsibly produced in Sweden

Your dog's paws are continuously exposed to the elements, so why not show them a little love. This range has been designed to soothe and repair hard-working paw pads.

The Paw Care Range

WAP 1:

Paw Oil with jojoba oil, argan oil & vitamin E oil

A tiny dab and a loving paw massage is all that's needed to moisturise, repair and protect.

WAP 4:

Paw Pin with marula oil, lavender oil & chamomile

Add an extra layer of protection to your pups precious paw pads so they can head out on their adventures and explore all of the territories unknown.

WAp fur and paw care for dogs is the best in the UK. Organic, Natural, Vegan

Shop the range of WAP Dog care products here

If you would like to learn more about this amazing range of natural, organic and vegan dog care products and find out more about the company and their story, you can visit their website here