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Memory Foam dog bed recycled materials and fluffy faux fur sofa savers from the dog bed shop

Sleep like royalty
& help save the world

With the ecoPET range

The Dog Bed Shop
Eco-beds, memory foam, sofa savers & more

The search is over! Your new dog bed is just a few clicks away.

After a long day of playing, your dog will love curling up on a memory foam dog bed, made with high-quality materials and come in an array of colours, so they will complement the rest of your décor. Guaranteed to look fantastic in your house and your pals won't be able to stop commenting on your style choices. Plus, our memory foam dog bed is hypoallergenic and resistant to mould, mildew, and bacteria – super safe for your furry friend!

To help your dog do their part for the environment, you can find ecoPET beds that are made from recycled water bottles. Now your dog can sleep all day in comfort and save the world at the same time.

It's important to find the perfect bed for your pup, so we work hard to make sure your dog will fall in love with any bed from The Dog Bed Shop.

Go ahead and check out our selection of dog beds today. You won't be disappointed when you see all the options available at such affordable prices for memory foam for dogs, eco-beds and sofa savers. Your best friend will thank you later when he's snuggled up in his brand new comfy bed!

Learn more about how to choose the best dog bed and find the right size in this article.

We know your dog wants their new bed as fast as possible, and we're pleased to always offer fast shipping, plus deliveries are free when your order is over £100.

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