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Your guide to putting it on

The Harness & Lead All In One

When it comes to any new harness, it can be a struggle to work out how to put it on. With something new, like the Anti Pull Harness and Lead All in One, we agree that it can be like a bit of a brain game trying to figure it out. But don't worry, we have got you covered. Follow this step by step guide and discover how easy it is for you and your dog.

You will be out on your adventures in no time at all.

You can find two super useful user submitted videos below, showing you how they easily put theirs on.

A french bulldog wearing a Ralph Woofington anti-pull harness and lead all in one
Step 1 open up the anti-pull harness and lead from ralph woofington online dog shop

Step 1

Open up the Harness and Lead All in One and separate the two ropes on either side of the chest adjuster. Make sure it is wide enough to fit easily over your dog's head and shoulders. The logo on the front of the chest adjuster should be the right way up, and the back adjuster should have the holes with the ropes coming through, towards the bottom, just like in the picture. 

Step 2 place the Anti-pull harness and lead over your dogs head

Step 2

Place the harness over your dog's head and shoulders, with the back adjuster sitting in the middle of their back, and the chest adjuster at floor level. Then step your dog's feet inside each of the ropes, on either side of the chest adjuster. 

Step 3 pull the anti-pull harness and lead up to find a good fit around your dogs chest

Step 3

Pull the harness up to fit around your dog's chest, and then tighten the back adjuster to make sure it's a secure fit. 

Tip 1 use the chest adjuster of the anti-pull harness and lead to adjust the fit

Tip 1

Find the most comfortable fit for your dog, by moving the chest adjuster piece up or down. This will change the way the harness fits around their shoulders and behind their legs.

Tip 2 make sure the back adjuster of the anti-pull harness and lead is facing the right way

Tip 2

Make sure that the back adjuster piece faces the way it is in this picture, with the holes that have the ropes coming through, towards the rear. If it is the wrong way around the harness will not work effectively and you may find it loosening or not fitting correctly. 


User Submitted Video

User Submitted Video

Anti Pull Harness & Lead Videos

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