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20 Doggy Life Hacks for a Simpler Life

French bulldog holding his paw up

Who doesn't love a simpler life!

When it comes to looking after your furry friends, it can be really hard work. There is constantly picking up, cleaning and running around after them involved. But fear not! We have compiled some of our top 20 life hacks, to make things easier and simpler for you. Let’s dive straight into number one…..

1. Use Waterproof (read pee proof) blankets to keep your furniture dry & fur-free

Are your dogs allowed on the sofa? In our experience, it’s almost impossible to keep them off! even if they know they are not allowed, they are always looking for an excuse to jump up…. Hack number one… Protect your furniture with waterproof blankets. When I first got a puppy, I learned the hard way, and there were several “accidents” on the sofa. I searched the world for the best waterproof blankets, and I can say without a doubt, these waterproof furniture protectors by are literally the best thing since sliced bread! Any furry friend accidents or human wine & food spills can easily be wiped off and the blankets machine wash really easily.

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2. Use dryer sheets to collect up dog fur

There are so many cool dog hair collectors and lint rollers available, just like our own self-cleaning lint roller. But if you are looking for a quick fix to pick up some of that dog hair, use dryer sheets. They peel away shedded dog fur off your textiles like magic. Simply rub a dryer sheet over your sofa or wherever else pet hair collects and watch the static clean it off in a


Product image of the self cleaning lint roller

3. No dryer sheets? No problem…Use rubber gloves to pick up the shedded hair

My favourite method for picking up all that shedded fur is to use a pair of rubber gloves. Put them on and run your hands over the furry furniture or clothes, you will be amazed how easily they pick it all up.

4. Use baking soda to clean up accidents

Dog pee on the carpet can start to stink if it’s not properly taken care of, and the smell can attract your little best friends to return to the same spot. Use baking soda (known for eliminating odours) to clean it up. Mop up as much of the accident as you can, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the damp patch, let it work its magic for at least 20 minutes and then hoover the area.

5. Cover-up scratch/teeth marks in your wooden furniture

This one only works with superficial small scratches and scuffs on your wooden furniture. Deeper chews or gouges are a whole different problem. You can cover small scratches up by rubbing a walnut over the top of the damaged area. The natural oils seep into the wood and help to mask the exposed wood below.

Image of walnuts falling off a scoop

6. During bath time, use a flushable toilet wipe

We have all experienced long hair blocking up the plughole during bath doggy bath time. Use a flushable toilet wipe or a baby wipe to fill the plug. It will stop the hair, but still let the water through. When you are done, just lift the whole lot out, and pop it in the bin.

7. Make a temporary dog bed

You can find our range of amazing dog beds here. But if you find yourself in a pinch without a bed, the bed has been peed on or destroyed, or you’ve got an extra furry visitor and no beds to spare. Stuff an old jumper (tuck the sleeves on the inside) with a pillow and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a makeshift dog bed.

Image of the Ralph Woofington bed collection

8. Make an interactive snuffle toy

A french bulldog playing an interactive snuffle game

Make your doggy a super fun interactive snuffle box! Cut the empty loo roll tubes on an angle so your dog can pull them out easily. Stack the tubes upright in a shoebox and stuff their favourite treats into a few of them. Watch as you unleash your dogs foraging instincts. If you are looking for something a bit more permanent & machine washable you can find this amazing interactive snuffle book in our shop.

9. Make your dog their own digging area in the garden

Some dogs love to dig! But there is no need to let them ruin your garden. Get a hard plastic sandbox or paddling pool, fill it up with dirt from your garden and teach them that’s the digging spot by burying some of their favourite toys or bones in there.

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10. Entice fussy eaters with a dog gravy topper for their meals

Whip up a batch of delicious dog friendly gravy, pour it into an ice cube tray, and when it’s meal time, pop one on top of their food. Licking the ice block will get them interested in their food, and as the gravy melts, they will have no choice but to eat the food to get to the gravy.

11. Alternate their toys to keep their interest

Always buying your dog new toys, and then they just get ignored after a few weeks? Don’t let the boredom kick in. When you notice the pizzaz of the new toy has worn off, put it away somewhere out of reach, and get them interested in one of their old ones. After a few weeks, bring out the other toy and watch them fall in love with it all over again! No need to keep buying new toys. Keep their toys neat and organised in one of our supercute storage boxes.

Product image, Ralph Woofington toy boxes and storage solutions

12. Keep dry dog food fresh by sealing it properly

Dog food can go stale, and that’s not going to make for a very satisfying dinner time. Have you ever noticed your dog starts to go off their food, but you can’t quite work out why? It’s probably stale and not tasty at all. Buy resealable bags, only buy the size of bag that will last a few weeks, fold over the top of the bag and peg it with a clothes peg, or you could invest in an airtight plastic food container. Make sure to clean it between refills and keep it tightly sealed for freshness.

13. Use a rope toy to brush your dog’s teeth

Can’t get your dog to let you brush their teeth? Don’t panic! Smear some tasty dog tooth paste on their favourite rope toy, and watch them brush their own teeth without even realising it.

14. Banish burps and farts with a slow feeder

Is your canine best friend a little bit windy and stinky after meal times? You may need to change their food, but it could also be because they are gulping down their food too quickly. Get them a slow feeder. It will force them to slow down and work harder to get to all the food. They won’t be able to gulp it down so quickly, which is a major cause of burping and flatulence. You can thank me later for this one.

15. Use Cornflour on your dog’s nail/claw if you cut it too short

If you have ever cut your dogs nails yourself, the likelihood is that you have also almost amputated a toe! Well, if you to happen to trim that nail a little bit too close and it starts to bleed, just mix up a small amount of cornflour with a drop of water to make a paste, dab a small amount the paste onto the nail and keep pressure on it for a few minutes, and the bleeding will stop.

16. Make yourself the funniest thing in the world

Me and my dog do the PooPoo dance! Well, not any more, but we used to when he was learning how to go outside. Any time he did his business in the right spot, I jumped up and down singing the poopoo dance song, and he absolutely loved it! This was rewarding enough for him. He only ever got the poopoo dance if he went outside, and let me tell you, it was only a matter of weeks before it all clicked into place and he was a pro.

17. Teach your dog to catch using popcorn

image of popcorn

Because no one likes having a hard ball thrown in their face! Little pieces of popcorn are easy to catch and super delicious. And if they miss, the popcorn isn’t going to smack them in the face. After they have perfected catching the popcorn, you can start to upgrade to bigger and heavier things.

18. Use a bright coloured light on your dog during night time walks

This one is a no brainer really! We all know that here in the UK during winter, the night time starts at about 3pm. So when you head out on your evening walks, make sure you’ve got something bright! Reflective patches to add onto harnesses and leads are easy to find, and a great idea will be to add a flashing led light or collar for maximum night time visibility.

19. Create your own canine first aid kit

You never know when an accident might happen, make sure you are prepared with your very own doggie first aid kit.

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20. Tie a loop in your doggy poop bags

image of how to carry your used poop bags to the nearest bin

We all know we have to clean up after our dogs, and what are you going to do if you are miles away from any bins? Simple, tie a loop in the bag, and clip it onto your poop bag holder! You will forget it’s even there! Make sure you bin it though, you don’t want to discover a nasty surprise at the start of your next walkies

What's your favourite life hack from the list? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear some of your doggy life hacks... Comment with yours and we might feature them in our next post!

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