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The Best Christmas Presents for Dogs on Amazon UK in 2023

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The Best Christmas Presents for Dogs on Amazon UK in 2023

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, not just for us, but for our furry companions as well. As dog lovers in the UK, we understand that our four-legged friends are more than just pets – they're family. Whether you've welcomed a new puppy into your home, are celebrating another year with your loyal companion or giving a rescue dog their first taste of a loving Christmas, the festive season is the perfect opportunity to show them just how much they mean to you.

Our goofball zoomie machines bring us unconditional love, comfort and countless memories throughout the year, and Christmas is our chance to return the favour. In this post, we've curated a list of the best Christmas presents for dogs available on Amazon UK, ensuring that you can easily find that perfect gift to make their tail wag with joy. From cosy beds to tantalizing treats, and engaging toys to stylish accessories, we’ve got everything to make your dog's Christmas as magical as they make every day for you. Let's make this Christmas one your furry friend will never forget!

All prices are correct at the time of publishing (28/11/2023)


Stocking Fillers for Dogs

Stocking Fillers for Dogs

Deck the halls and stuff those stockings with festive joy for your four-legged family members! In our Stocking Fillers section, we've gathered a delightful array of small but special gifts perfect for your dog's Christmas stocking. From tasty treats to fun toys, these little surprises are sure to bring big wagging tails and warm hearts this holiday season. Let's make sure our pups have their own little treasures to unwrap on Christmas morning!

Peanut Butter for Dogs

1. Peanut Butter for Dogs

Celebrate your dog's Christmas with the ultimate treat: the Super Smooth Peanut Butter Paste, a unique and wholesome delight. Unlike other brands, this paste is made solely from roasted peanuts, without any added oils, sugars, preservatives, or solidifiers. It’s delightfully runny, thanks to its pure, single-ingredient recipe, and is even safe for human consumption. Packed with natural protein and essential nutrients like Vitamin B and E, it’s the healthiest choice for your furry friend. Proudly made in the UK, this peanut butter paste is a festive treat that’s both delicious and nutritious, perfect for filling stockings or complementing their festive feast!

RRP £6.99

Petface (Little Petface) Freddi Cord, Plush Puppy Dog Toy

2. Petface (Little Petface) Freddi Cord, Plush Puppy Dog Toy

Make your dog's Christmas morning unforgettable with the adorable Puppy Plush Toy, a delightful addition to their toy collection. This charming little plush is designed to bring joy and companionship to your furry friend. Its soft, cuddly texture makes it the perfect snuggle buddy for nap times, and its durable design ensures it can withstand all the playful adventures your dog embarks on. The toy's engaging squeaker adds an extra layer of fun.

RRP £6.29

3. Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle

Delight your dog this Christmas with the Hide A Squirrel dog puzzle, a unique 2-in-1 interactive toy designed to engage and entertain. Simply stuff the tree trunk with the three included squeaky squirrels, and watch as your dog's natural hunting instincts come alive. Whether tossed for a game of fetch or placed on the ground for discovery, this toy offers hours of fun. It's not just a plaything but a mental exercise, keeping your dog curious and mentally stimulated. The plush texture is gentle on teeth and gums, making it ideal for both puppies and adult dogs. Remember, no toy is indestructible, so always supervise your pet during play and be ready to replace the toy if it gets damaged. The Hide A Squirrel is sure to be a festive hit, offering irresistible challenge and excitement for your canine companion.

RRP £17.79


Dog Beds and Cosy Christmas Blankets

Dog Beds

Make your dog's Christmas extra special this year with a luxurious new bed from our carefully selected range on Amazon. We understand that spoiling your furry friend is a big part of the festive fun, and what better way to do it than with a bed that offers supreme comfort and festive cheer? These beds aren't just a cosy retreat; they're a token of your love, ensuring your dog feels pampered and cherished during the holiday season.

4. Memory Foam Sofa Bed for Dogs

Memory Foam Sofa Bed for Dogs

This Christmas, give the gift of luxury and comfort to your furry friend with our Premium Luxury Sofa Bed. Designed with human-grade memory foam, it perfectly adapts to your dog's body, offering unparalleled support and comfort, making it ideal for dogs of all ages and stages, including energetic pups, seniors, or those recovering from surgery. But this bed is more than just a comfortable spot for your dog to rest; it's a stylish addition to your home. With its contemporary design and high-quality microsuede fabric, this bed effortlessly blends with your home decor, adding an elegant touch.

You can also find this here on our website!

RRP From £70

5. Eco-friendly dog bed

 Eco-friendly dog bed

Celebrate a green Christmas with your furry friend by choosing the Eco-Friendly Pet Bed, available on Amazon. This innovative bed is crafted from recycled foam, repurposing 1.5l plastic bottles into a cosy resting place. Each purchase contributes to reducing landfill waste, with the Small bed recycling 23 bottles and the Medium 29 bottles. Not only is it environmentally conscious, but it's also hypoallergenic and pet health-friendly, ensuring a safe, toxin-free area for your dog or cat. The bed is resistant to sweat and saliva, promoting a cleaner sleeping environment. For your convenience, it's machine washable, making maintenance a breeze. Available in Small and Medium sizes, it suits a variety of dog breeds and cats. Durable and designed for longevity, this bed from Amazon is an excellent choice for pet owners who care about their pet’s comfort and the planet.

You can also find this here on our website!

RRP From £32

Christmas Pet Blanket - Luxury Plush Fleece Throw for Dogs

6. Christmas Pet Blanket - Luxury Plush Fleece Throw for Dogs

Add a touch of festive cheer to your pet's lounging time with the Celebright Christmas Pet Blanket. Designed for ultimate comfort, this deluxe throw is made from premium microfiber fleece with a cozy sherpa lining, perfect for keeping your dog or cat warm and snug. Measuring 110cm by 72cm, it's an ideal size for pets of all sizes, from small kittens to large dogs.

RRP £8.99


Dog Walking Accessories

Dog Walking Accessories

Whether it's a brisk morning stroll or a leisurely evening walk, these accessories ensure safety, comfort, and durability for both you and your pet. From ergonomic designs to festive colours and patterns, find the perfect gear to make every walk a joyful and secure experience for your beloved dog.

Pink step-in dog harness, lead and poop bag holder with rose gold accents

7. Pink step-in dog harness, lead and poop bag holder with rose gold accents

Upgrade your dog's walking gear this Christmas with the stylish and secure Easy Step-In Dog Harness. Designed for simplicity, it's quick to put on and take off, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both you and your pet. The harness boasts all-metal hardware for unmatched strength and durability. Available in trendy colours like Pink with Rose Gold, Black with Rose Gold, Blue with Gunmetal, and Grey with Gunmetal, it combines fashion with function. The secure behind-the-back clip and double D rings add extra safety during walks. It’s not just sleek but also comfortable, ideal for dogs of various sizes and breeds. The neoprene-lined lead handle and handy D ring for attaching a matching dog poop bag holder make it a practical, fashionable gift for your furry friend this festive season.

RRP: £17.99


Start Shopping Now for Your Christmas Presents for Dogs

As we wrap up our festive guide to the best Christmas gifts for dogs on Amazon, we hope you've found the perfect presents to spoil your furry family member this holiday season. From luxurious dog beds and interactive toys to stylish walking accessories and cosy blankets, each item has been carefully selected to bring joy, comfort, and style into your dog's life. Remember, these gifts are more than just items; they're a way to show your love and appreciation for the unconditional companionship your dog offers all year round. So, go ahead and make this Christmas extra special for your four-legged friend with these thoughtful, high-quality gifts. Merry Woofmas, Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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