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Have you heard about natural treats? Say goodbye to highly processed unhealthy supermarket treats.

Have you heard? Here at Ralph Woofington, we have been working hard to bring you all-natural dog treats and chews. We are so excited to share our first two products with you, they will be launched in the online store very soon!

Treat box and anter chew

It's no secret that dogs love a treat! I don't think I have ever met a dog who could say no to one. But do we know what is in the treats we give them? Supermarket mass produced treats may be cheap and convenient, but there are all sorts of nasties in there!

Rawhide has to be the number one offender! I know, dogs go mad for it, but the risks are real. It is not easily digested, and that unnatural white colour comes from a heavy bleaching process. The chemicals used to process rawhide is alarming enough, but the risks go on. If your dog manages to swallow large pieces of rawhide there is a risk of choking and intestinal blockage. It's time to ditch the rawhide!

Then there are the other mass produced treats that we grab off the supermarket shelves. These products are packed with preservatives and chemicals to extend their shelf life. As humans we spend so long reading our food packaging labels, and avoiding heavily processed foods, but can we say we do the same for our dogs? Don't they deserve the very best?

With Halloween, Christmas and the festive season coming up, we have been working hard to find an alternative so you can treat your little best friends to the healthiest dog treats.

Anti Pull harness advert

We thought now would be the perfect time to tell you a little bit about our new range of yummy treats and the amazing health benefits they bring.

Our first All Natural Dog Treat Box is for adults dogs over the age of one. We are working on a puppy safe treat box and we will let you know as soon as it’s ready to launch.

So let's dive straight into the box and see the delicious treats

Infographic showing the treats in a ralph woofington treat box

Let’s talk about Rabbit Ears

We have rabbit ears with fur & without fur. But what are the benefits of having fur? Fur is a natural dewormer for dogs. It is believed that as the fur passes through your dog's digestive system, it cleans up the insides, clinging on to worms & worm eggs. Asides from the natural deworming properties, these treats are high in fibre, help to settle tummies and acid reflux and are great at cleaning teeth during chewing. Rabbit ears are great for dogs with sensitive digestion & allergies.

Fishy Treats

We have put lots of fishy treats into this box, because, let’s face it, DOGS LOVE FISH! I could write a whole blog post about the benefits of fish for your dog, but I will try to keep it short here and talk about the key benefits. All of our fishy treats are low fat & high protein, great for keeping your dog healthy.

Salmon Sticks & Fish Fingers

Made out of 100% fish, these treats are packed with Omega 3 & 6. Benefits include healthy skin and fur and an amazing boost in brainpower, especially vital in the early learning stages. The fish fingers have a rough texture and act as a natural dental stick, helping to keep those gnashers squeaky clean.

Ralph Woofington anti pull harness and lead

Dried Sprats

These little dried fish are set to become your dog’s new fav! Again, rich in Omega 3’s, helping to promote healthy skin & coat. These crunchy fishy treats are great to use as a training treat or sprinkled on their dinner for a delicious topper.

Fish Slices

Made out of fish & chicken, these little meaty fishy slices are the perfect size for training treats. They are absolutely irresistible to your dog, and if you are trying to teach them new tricks, these will do the job in no time at all.

Pork Treats

We have put a few porky treats in the box too. Bursting with flavour, and delightfully crunchy.

Puffed Snouts

100% natural pork, these puffed snouts are quickly becoming a favourite for dogs across the country. They are low in fat, high in protein and 100% yummy! Bursting with natural oils these treats are great for promoting strong bones and teeth and contributing towards healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Pigs in Blankets

Save this one for when they have been the bestest boy & goodest girl! As soon as they get hold of this one they will know how well they have done. Air-dried to lock in all of the flavour and nutrients. Pigs in blankets are high in protein and low in fat. No wheat, no gluten and perfect for dogs with sensitivities.

Pork Crunch

Pork crunch is made out of 100% pig's ear, and is a perfect little morsel, for when you don’t want to give them a whole full-size ear. If your dog already loves to chew on an ear, the pork crunch will be a great little reward. They are carefully & slowly dried, to preserve all of the flavours and develop a really good crunch. High protein, gluten-free and easily digestible.

Ralph woofington anti pull harness and lead all in one

All of our treat boxes are made to order

Making your dog happy makes us happy! We only build your box after you place your order. If you have a special request, or you already know your dog is not a fan of something in the box, then let us know in the notes at the checkout, and we will substitute it with something else.

This is just the start, we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you a subscription box, so you can keep your dog treats in stock all of the time.

Ralph Woofington Large Natural Treat Box

Check out the new range of antler chews

A selection of natural antler chews for dogs

Healthy and long-lasting chews. If your dog has never tried an antler, now is the time to introduce this awesome chew to their life. Antlers fall from stags naturally and are collected from the ground, we can assure you no deers are harmed to make this product.

Antlers are 100% natural and long-lasting. They provide essential nutrients like calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and the heart. The texture of the antler helps to clean their teeth! All-round winner.

The treat boxes and the antlers will be launched in our store very soon, if you would like to be notified about this product, then subscribe to our mailing list in the box below, and we will make sure you are one of the first to know!

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